Soke Tamas weber

Soke Tamas Weber has been honored, as the first European ever, an inductee into Masters Hall Fame, Platinum Award for Lifetime Achievements. “Your contributions and leadership to the world of the martial arts is exemplary of the value of martial arts”.

Mr. Weber, the SANSHIN-KAN founder, holds the honored title of "Soke".Soke Weber is a well experienced and qualified military person who served in the Foreign region and is currently ranked as brigadier general in the Swedish military reserve army. Mr. Weber was honored to receive few bravery medals for his achievements.

Soke established the style as a result of his deep knowledge and vast experience in close combat fighting during war as a commander in the Foreign Legion.  

Soke Weber is well recognized as one of the Europe's premier close combat experts. He has trained Police and Armed Forces in close combat and self-defense in various countries e.g. USA, Canada, France, Turkey and Israel.

Soke Weber was born in 1942 and started to learn Judo under the teaching of Kawaishi Sensei, 8 Dan. He is occupied by Martial Arts since early 50's and was fist graded to first Dan in 1957.

Today Mr. Weber holds the rank of Kudan (9th degree black belt) in World Karate federation and he also has been honored the rank of Judan (10th degree black belt) in Shito-ryu Motobu-ha. During his more than 50 years of martial arts experience he has also achieved black belts in Judo, Aikido and Ju-Jitsu. Mr. Weber Has started to teach in 1965 and he was also a member in the Swedish National Karate Team. 

In 1983 he received 7th Dan "Shihan" title by Motobu-Ha Shito-Ryu. In 1985 Soke Weber was responsible to promote Shito-Ryu and was the official representative of SeiShin-Kai in Europe and the Middle-East.

During his many visits in Okinawa he'd met and worked with well-known teachers: Nanbu Yoshinau, Fujiware, Nakazono, Suzuki, Kazaki, Anai, Kawata, Miyazato, Kuniba, Tani Chojiro, Hizatake, Hayashi.