Delhi Police Training Classes

Martial arts Training for BPO

Special workshops for BPO and corporate

Introducing BPO / Corporate training in Self defense and fitness Workshop.

It is likely to the company to ensure the safety and fitness of their employees on work traveling to office or home by a cab is sometime not much secure in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai in late hours. As we all know more the work stress more the decline of the efficiency of a person.

We have experience with companies like Cannon, Intel. etc.

We have developed a program by understanding the requirements and essentials for the BPO or the corporate sector.

The main features of the program are:-

1. Learning self defense.

2. Understanding and awareness of fitness program.

3. Raising the fitness level by which the efficiency of an employee increases.

4. Relieving stress out of continuous work.

5. Developing team work and spirit.

6. Learning through interesting and fun oriented environment.

7. Martial arts are considered one the interesting subject for young employees.

8. Meditations in Martial arts to keep you cool in all situations.

9. Martial art theory which guides through the golden rules for peaceful of life

10. Our training program focused on self confidence and will power.