Shotokan Karate


SHITO RYU KARATE DO is derived from SHURI-TE, NAHA-TE and TOMARI-TE streams.

The term "SAN" (three in Japanese) stands for: Tradition, Spirit and Justice.

SANSHIN-KAN founder, Kancho, has established the style tracking the deep knowledge and vast experience he accumulated in close combat fighting during war as a commander in the Foreign Legion. Kancho is well recognized as one of the Europe's premier close combat experts and he has trained Police and Armed Forces in close combat and self-defense in various countries e.g. USA, Canada, France, Turkey and Israel.

SANSHIN-KAN organization was established in the year of 1969.

The roots in Israel are laid in 1975 when there was a first visit of well known high ranking Karate teachers from Europe and Japan in Israel. It was the first time that SANSHIN-KAN founder, who is titled today officially as "Kancho", visited Israel with another two Japanese teachers. There was a show which was recorded on the Israeli television. In 1978 Arye Berko Sensei established the main branch in Israel while another Dojo was established by Isaac Florentine Sensei in Tel Aviv. In the years 1984 - 1988 the Dojo in Tel Aviv has been functioned has the Honbu Dojo in Israel and since 1988 up to present days SANSHIN-Kan is orderliness active while the Israeli Honbu Dojo is in Haifa and Effi Schleyen Sensei is the head of SANSHIN-KAN in Israel.

Now Yashpal Singh Kalsi Holds the Sanshinkan Affiliation in India and teaching his students from New Delhi. Inviting Karate as to join in and build up the strong Karate team from India.