KickBoxing sports is a kind of  sports where the players employ specialised kicks and punches as well as tackles and bows representing a particular type of martial art. Some people take up kickboxing for fitness purposes and full-contact sports.learn kick boxing in delhi

In professional boxing, the male boxers wear only boxing trunks without any vest or shoes and the femaleboxers wear tank tops and the boxing shorts. In kickboxing sports, the players usually adapt freestyle boxing but in some cases, it is practised as an event with some rules within which the boxers should compete. In the competitions, kickboxing is practised as a standing sport and the fight is halted if the boxersdrop on the ground. But in Sanshou kickboxing, practised in the police and the military, the boxers are trained to fight even if they are lying on the ground. Kickboxing can be practised starting from any age but for ages below 18, the boxers are advised to use boxing gears like wearing boxing helmets

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The American Style Kick Boxing

The American Style Kickboxing rules apply to both American Kickboxing and Australian Full Contact Karate. In American style of kickboxing, the boxers are permitted to strike each other with their fists and feet but only on the upper body above the hip. Usage of elbows and knees is not allowed in American Style of kickboxing but the shin is allowed sometimes. The fights are commonly 3 to 12 rounds and they last about 2 -3 minutes each. American Kickboxing is very famous among the young generation.

The European Style Kick Boxing

The European style kickboxing have been originally formed by merging the Muay Thai and Japanese kick boxing. The boxers get to fight five rounds, each being 3 minutes. Striking with the elbow and the knee are forbidden and the boxers can strike in all parts of the body except the groin. Some amount of neck-wrestling is allowed but throws and head-butts are forbidden.

Japanese Kick Boxing

Japanese kick boxing closely resembles Muay Thai kickboxing only with a few differences. There are five rounds with each one being three minutes. The players are allowed to strike using their elbows and knees. Kicking in the lower half of the body is allowed other than the crotch. Neck-wrestling is allowed but headbutts and throws have been banned since 1966 to increase boxer's safety.kickboxing in south delhiThe standard kicking techniques are: Front kick or push Kick/high Kick – Striking face or chest on with the heel of the foot. Side kick - Striking with the side or heel of the foot with leg parallel to the ground, can be performed to either the head or body. Semi-circular kick - or forty five degree roundhouse kick. Roundhouse kick - or circle kick – Striking with the front of the foot or the lower shin to the head or the body in a chopping motion.There are a large number of special or variant kicking techniques, including spinning kicks, jumping kicks, and other variants such as Hook kick  - (heel kick) – Extending the leg out to the side of the body, and hooking the leg back to strike the head with either the heel or sole. Crescent kick   and forward crescent kick Axe kick is a stomp out kick or axe kick. The stomp kick normally travel downward, striking with the side or base heel. Axe kick is delivered with the base heel of the foot. Sweeping One foot or both feet of an opponent may be swept depending upon their position, balance and strength.kickboxing training in delhiThe knee and elbow techniques in Japanese kickboxing, indicative of its Muay Thai heritage, are the main difference that separates this style from other kickboxing rules. See ti sok and ti khaofor details. Straight knee thrust One foot or both feet of an opponent may be swept depending upon their position, balance and strength. Rising knee strike  can be delivered with the front or back foot. It makes an explosive snap upwards to strike an opponent’s face, chin, throat or chest. Hooking knee strike can be delivered with the front or back foot. It makes a half circle spin and strikes the sides of an opponent

Side knee snap strike is a highly-deceptive knee technique used in close-range fighting. The knee is lifted to the toes or lifted up, and is snapped to left and right, striking an opponent’s sensitive knee joints, insides of thighs, groin