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Mental aspects:

No matter what the reason was that prompted you to begin training, be it for fitness, self-defense or whatever else, the bottom line is you want to improve yourself physically. While this will occur naturally during the course of your training, other more subtle changes also take place You will find that your ability to react calmly under stress improves, you will be able to concentrate or focus on any given task more easily, and you find yourself developing a far-reaching mental and spiritual strength that compliments your physical abilities.

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Spiritual aspects:

Applying the principles of Kung fu classes near me to your everyday life will help you achieve true victory over the circumstances and adversities we all face in our family lives, jobs and other daily affairs. It is toward this end that we strive to maintain and live up to the principals by which past Kung Fu training lived.


One of the main flaws which we must guard against as Martial Artists is arrogance. This is why the responsibilities of discipline and respect must be adhered to. It is important that as a Martial Artist you must maintain the strength of character to uphold the rules and values of our school and style. We are very proud to be able to say that we can trace our Kung Fu training in Delhi lineage back through Sifu Arthur Berry, to Grandmaster Yin in China and beyond.

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Difference between Kung Fu and Other Martial Arts

The philosophy of Chinese martial arts in Delhi originated not with warlords whose aim was to kill, but with Buddhist masters whose aim was to prolong life. This philosophy and history has lead to a difference in the practice and the attitude of students of Chinese martial arts.

Unbelievable violence and hostility are found in some martial arts systems. Such behavior is not found in Kung Fu training in Delhi, because the nature of the training is such that a calm disposition and a feeling for one's training partners are developed intrinsically, and harboring selfish, aggressive attitudes would work against the practitioners themselves.

Kung Fu is a Comprehensive System

Martial arts in south Delhi are divided into four areas: striking, kicking, grappling and throwing, and seizing and locking the joints. Every type of Chinese Kung Fu contains techniques from each of these four areas. This is important because each category of techniques is effective against one or more of the other categories. A Chinese martial artist, therefore, can deal with every type of attack and defend himself effectively.Other martial arts, like Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, and Taekwondo, specialize in only one or two of the four categories of techniques. Because of the nature of these martial arts, their practitioners often have difficulty if opponents use attacks that fall outside the categories in which their respective arts specialize.One way to prepare yourself to handle any fighting situation is to learn all these different martial arts. A better alternative is to learn a Chinese martial art like Long Fist. It not only saves time and effort, it also gives advantages not found in other martial arts

The Benefits of Chinese Martial Arts
Health and Fitness

By health, we mean not only being free from illness, but the ability to sleep soundly, to work energetically, to think clearly, and to be calm yet alert. By fitness, we mean not just physical strength, but the ability to react quickly, to endure hard work, and to concentrate without mental fatigue.Kung Fu training is better than other forms of exercise for promoting health and fitness. In swimming, jogging, and karate, for example, the fitness acquired diminishes as one grows old, but in Kung Fu it is enhanced. This is because Kung Fu is more than physical exercise; it develops the inner faculties of vital energy and the mind. A Kung Fu practitioner will exhibit more zest and vitality in both work and play than an ordinary person, and have calmness of mind and clarity of thought even under demanding situations.

Character Training

Kung fu classes near me emphasizes moral development as well as physical training, stressing values like respect, courage, tolerance, and reverence for life. The very nature of Kung Fu classes is a long process of character building. Wholesome qualities like endurance, perseverance, discipline, loyalty, and a calm disposition are prerequisites for progress, especially at higher levels. All these qualities, acquired through Kung Fu training center, are transferable to daily life.


Self-defense is the essence of Chinese martial art. True Kung Fu teaching always instructs students to be tolerant and avoid fighting, but the ability to defend oneself is a valuable asset. It is only when we know that we can defend ourselves effectively that we gain self-confidence. In this way self-defense can be applied to non-combative situations, such as job interviews or school exams. In modern society, this need for psychological self-defense is perhaps more important than the need to actually fight.