Mixed Martial Arts-MMA Training in Delhi

Mixed Martial Arts is a combine training of MMA submission, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate, Judo, Wrestling & Gymnastics. MMA is the ultimate, the most effective, and the most comprehensive combat style out there. Incorporating any kind of martial arts, the phases in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training and competition generally fall into two categories: striking phase & grappling phase. In this class, students will learn to incorporate the combination of striking and grappling techniques simultaneously with the end goal being able to remain effective in all phases of combat at our centre.

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As the nation’s Largest collection of Champions & home to many other decorated Champions, OCL MMA offers internationally and exciting MMA training experience for students at all fitness levels. OCL is premier mixed martial arts academy based in West Delhi, Tilak Nagar, Vikaspuri, Janakpuri, South Delhi; India. We offer individual and group classes both. With Champions in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Boxing, Maximum MMA is the only OCL martial arts gym courses are specifically designed and exclusively taught by genuine world Champions. We consistently set high expectations for all students, assessing and evaluating progress throughout the year in order to plan effectively for successful learning.

Thai Boxing/Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, also known as the Science of Eight Limbs (Punches, Elbows, Kicks, and Knees). The Muay Thai classes focuses on proper use of the techniques and fight strategy while increasing endurance and strength. The classes focus on building on personal goals, using individual strengths and abilities, while increasing self-esteem and capacities in our coaching.


The oldest and one of the most effective combat style that focuses solely on punching. By learning boxing, student can specifically improve their hand speed, reflexes, footwork, and head movement. All of which are important ingredients to be an elite martial artist.


Kickboxing is the combination of Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai and Judo throw. It is widely recognized as a very effective stand up base for MMA. Incorporating varieties of kicks, boxing combos, dynamic footwork and explosive throws, kickboxing is one the most suitable option for athletes who wish to be fast, agile, and explosive on the feet.

Little Ninja

The Little Ninja (mixed martial arts for kids) at KNOCKOUT MMA is designed to help children ages 3-13 maximizing their true potential in all areas of life through martial arts. By learning martial arts at a young age, children will inherit positive attributes like respect, mental strength, confidence, self-defense skills and humility in our martial arts schools. The Little Ninja program is also designed to help children stand against bullying. By learning self-defense skills, children will be able to protect themselves against bullies. Bullying has often been overlooked especially in Asian’s culture and KNOCKOUT MMA is committed to help children standing up to bullying. In this program, children will be exposed to a comprehensive variety of martial arts lessons.


OCL will train mixed martial arts techniques that will give exercise and teach self-defense, fitness, training routine as well as making ready you to compete in tournaments. A trainy can set his/her goal of black belt and then earn it’s ranks with self-discipline, consistency and persistence. You will get a flexible body, a good shape, and feel great about your accomplishments.

Are you looking for a mix martial arts training program that will leave you looking great, feeling better and with an extensive knowledge of martial art skills and techniques? The OCL advance training classes at One Cage League are guaranteed to give you everything you need to get in great shape and learn effective and practical martial arts with a class that’s as fun as it is rewarding. Geared towards all abilities and ages, our program has something for everyone and for all ages.

In our training centre; whether you’re brand new to the martial arts or whether you’ve got a rainbow of belt colors, we assure you, this class will get you in great shape while teaching you incredible mixed martial arts skills in a safe and fun environment. Our Advance mixed martial arts classes are ideal for everyone ages 16 and up, regardless of experience of fitness level. OCL can help you reach any goal, and along the way, we’ll help you discover some of the greatest benefits the martial arts have to offer. Just take a look:

Become a Leader

Leadership skills that will give you an edge in everything you do Enjoy improved stamina and cardiovascular endurance Plenty of energy to last you all day long Enjoy unbreakable focus and concentration Your strength and flexibility with skyrocket Develop razor sharp reflexes You’ll laugh away daily stresses Instil a Positive Attitude Build Confidence and Self Esteem Teach the Importance of Strong Values and Good Character Improve Effort and Motivation. Be the ideal of society.

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